Participants in the ETILAB MakerSpaces play with online, cloud based tools in a safe, fun- filled and nurturing environment. Through the various ETILAB MakerSpace process, they learn how to use emerging technologies to collaborate, communicate and create solutions for pressing problems in their contexts. Participants range from professionals and business owners to educators and government officials. Each ETILAB MakerSpace is unique and addresses the individual needs of participants. Five types of ETILAB MakerSpaces are currently available:


All the ETILAB MakerSpace processes fundamentally aim to support transformational change. Transformational change involves a deep-seated change to the existing ways of thinking and being. It is not merely about changing behaviour or beliefs, but about changing how thinking, choices and decisions are made at level deeper than beliefs and behaviours. Very often change is difficult. It is hard work to change existing ways to being and thinking, or how processes and systems are completed. People tend to resist change. Resistance to change is often justified when change is externally enforced, but one only has to look at the many failed diet plans and attempts to give up smoking, to realise that even internally motivated change can be resisted at some level. The ETILAB International Change Theory sees change as supported by many others, as needing a community and the right environment, in combination with individual goals and capacity to manage and take responsibility for one’s own change process. Growing together supports individual capacity building to take responsibility for and manage one's own change process within a carefully designed MakerSpaces. The MakerSpace process provides the fertile ground for growing change capacity and ongoing support nurtures this development.


Participants in the ETILAB MakerSpace play with various emerging technologies, they laugh - A LOT - and have heaps of fun exploring and discovering together. The ETILAB MakerSpace also includes professional learning to develop a deep and meaning-driven understanding of the reasons that support specific choices. In among all the fun and laughter, and the professional learning, a whole lot of learning and changing takes place!